Music Style Playmat AOM8828
karaoke with microphone, mp3 plug in, 8 instruments, 4 drum sounds, touch sensitive playmat, 3 special sound effects
  • Item NO.: AOM8828
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  • Product Origin: China
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Product Detail
Item No.: AOM8828
Item Name: Music Style Playmat
Product Size: 90x70cm
Battery: 4×1.5V "AA" (not included)
Packing:  Color Box 
Packing Size: 47x33x7.5cm
Ctn Size:  96.5x49.5x35.5cm
Cube: 0.17CBM
Qty/Ctn: 12pcs
GW.:  14.1kgs


AOM8828 Music Style Playmat Manual

It is a great pleasure to introduce our newly invented Music Style Playmat. This item is foldable and has the function of keyboard along with a setting of music console which gives you the fun of being a DJ. Music Style Playmat provides not only joy to children but also an opportunity to encourage their creativity.

Item name: Music Style Playmat                        Item number: AOM8828

In the box includes 1 music console, 1 microphone, 1 MP3 cable for plug-in and 1 mat.


1.      Use screw-driver to open battery lid, install 4x AA batteries. Close the lid and turn switch to ‘ON’, there is a tone.

2.      24 keys can be played as a keyboard; By pressing button “TONE”, you have 8 different instruments including piano, sax, accordion, trumpet, vibraphone, harp, guitar and music box.

3.      You can play demo songs by pressing the ‘DEMO’ button.

4.      Button ‘STOP’ stops all functions.

5.      4 drum buttons for drum playing

6.      8 rhythm buttons come with different sound effects

7.      Volume control

8.      Tempo control

9.      Button “MP3” controls the volume of MP3 player

10.  Button “MIC” controls the volume of microphone

11.  You can plug in either MP3 player or microphone. Microphone works under any mode. However, when MP3 player is plugged in, only keyboard and drum is available to play with from the mat.

12.  On the music console, you have a simulative remix disk.

13.  Music Style Playmat goes into hibernate mode after 1 minute no touching on the mat

14.  Drawing



1.      Do not mix used and new batteries

2.      Install batteries with correct polarity

3.      Do not charge non-rechargeable batteries

4.      Avoid short circuit

5.      Do not use sharp items to damage the mat

6.      Remove batteries if the mat is not being used for a long time

7.      Flatten the mat before activating it.

8.      The mat is not washable

9.      This toy is for kids age 3 and above, adult is required to be attended


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