Black&White Gigantic Keyboard Playmat AOM8825
4 modes to select, 5 instruments, adjustable volume, touch sensitive
  • Item NO.: AOM8825
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Product Detail
Item No.: AOM8825
Item Name: Black&White Gigantic Keyboard Playmat
Product Size: 180x74cm
Battery: 3×1.5V "AA" (not included)
Packing:  Color Box 
Packing Size: 86x40x8cm
Ctn Size:  88x52.5x42.7cm
Cube: 0.197CBM
Qty/Ctn: 6pcs
GW.:  11.2kgs


AOM8825  24 Key Giant B&W Piano Mat Manual

With our own technology, different from the traditional electronic organ, our Giant Electronic Keyboard Playmat is foldable, easy to store and carry. With 14 white and 10 black keys and 11 function mode keys, it works just like a real Piano.  It is also good product to enhance the children’s intelligence while enjoying playing it.

Product Content:

On the playmat, there is an On/Off switch and power indication light, and there are  14 white and 10 black keys and 11 function mode keys on the playmat. Listen to music and learn songs with Gigantic Keyboard Playmat. With real musical keys, your child can invent their own music.

Operating Instruction:

1.      Use a Philips screwdriver to unscrew the battery door. Install 3 pieces "AA" batteries, ensuring that the positive (+) and negative (-) are aligned with the "+" and "-" marking inside the battery compartment.


2.      Turn on the Electronic Keyboard Playmat by sliding the switch to "ON" position and the product have a prompted tone.

              ON      OFF 


Function Instruction:

1、             There is a startup music when turn on the playmat.

2、             Four modes: RecordPlay backDemoPlay.

3、             Eight different instrument tone in sequence: they are Piano, Guitar, Saxophone, Vibraphone and Organ.

4、             Keystroke: 14 white keys and 10 black keys

5、             Music: 10 songs (press the black keys to play the songs). From left to right, they are 1) cuckoo waltz. 2) I am a plasterer. 3) Happy Farmer. 4) Four Little Swans 5) Turkish March 6) Minuet 7) Small World 8) Little Star 9) American Patrol 10) Music Box Dancer.

6、             Press Key “Volume up” or “Volume down” to increase/reduce the sound volume.

7、             Record mode: Press the record key; you will enter into the record mode with a prompted tone. Once the indication light turns on, and you can start to record. It can record up to 38 notes. The defaulted instrument tone is Piano, press the key for other instrument will change the tone and it can be recorded as well. The Playmat will stop recording once memory is full. All recorded notes will be deleted once you press the record key again. You can switch to other modes anytime by pressing the key for that mode.

8、             Playback mode: You can playback the recorded notes by pressing the playback key. It will replay whenever you press it. You can switch to other modes anytime by pressing the key for that mode.

9、             Demo mode: Press the key to enter into Demo mode. The indication light turns on with a prompted tone. The defaulted instrument tone is Piano. Press other keys to choose other instrument tone and the white keys are unavailable in this mode. Press the black keys to play MIDI; you can select to play different Demo songs by pressing relative keys.  You can switch to other modes anytime by pressing the key for that mode.

10、         Play mode: Press the key to enter into the play mode. The defaulted instrument tone is piano. Press the black keys to choose the tones; there are ten different tones for selection. Press white keys to play with the selected tone. Press one of the white key will play a voice and you can switch to any tone or instrument. After the song is finish, you can press any key to reply the same tone. You can switch to other modes anytime by pressing the key for that mode.

11、         If no key is being pressed for one minute, the Playmat will be automatically enter into the sleep mode with a prompted tone, press any of keys to resume normal.



1This toys is for the children with age 3 and up, adult supervision is required.

2Do not mix old and new batteries. If you do not use the product for a long time, please take out the batteries.

3Do not use knife, scissor or any sharp things to jab, cut or damage the playmat.


Please feel free to contact us.
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