Twister and Move Game Playmat AOM8823
Giant Mat Size up to 150 x 120 cm, 2 Modes To Select, 5 Pcs LED Light, Automatic Power Off System
  • Item NO.: AOM8823
  • Payment: T/T or L/C
  • Product Origin: China
  • Shipping Port: Xiamen Port
  • Lead Time: 30 days
Product Detail
Product Name: Twister-move Playmat
Product Code: AOM8823
* The Mat size is 150 x 120 cm
* 2 Modes To Select
* 5 Pcs LED Light
* Automatic Power Off System

Place of Origin: China
Port: FOB FOB Xiamen
Packing: 6 pcs/5.51' Each in Printed Box
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T

Delivery Time: 30 days


AOM8823 Twister & Move Playmat Manual

Get ready to experience the joy of our newly invented foldable andportable Twist & Playmat. It combines fashionable elements of games andsports that enable children to develop IQ and enhance overall ability.

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In the box

Twist & Move Playmat consistsof a panel box and a playmat.

Set up your playmat

1.     Use a screwdriver to unscrew the battery cover;

2.     Insert 3 pieces of ‘AA’ batteries (make sure positive(+) and negative (-) align with the  ‘+’ and ‘-’ signs inside the batterycompartment;

3.     When the installation is complete, switch on Twist& Move Playmat by sliding the switch ON/OFF’ to ON. An openingmusic will be presented along with 5 indicating lights blinking.

4.     To select a game mode, pressMode’ button.There are 5 modes available to players: One Player Mode Game One Level 1/ Level2/ Level 3/ Level 4, One Player Mode Game Two – Memory, Two Players Mode GameOne, Two Player Mode Game Two and Free Mode. 5 game modes are set in accordancewith the above order. For example, if you would like to select Two Players ModeGame One, press ‘Game Mode’ three times following with a sound clip to indicatethe current mode.

5.     Volume Adjust button:  Vol + to increasethe volume ( up to 4 grades), Vol - to decrease the volume.

6.     ‘Music’ button to turn on/off thebackground music: pressing down the button will turn off the background music,pressing up the button will turn on the background music.

Start playing your mat

1.     Free Mode: Free mode is the default mode when boost up yourplaymat. There is no game in this mode. Players can do whatever they like onthe mat. Each symbol has corresponding sound clip and indicating light whenplayers step on it.

2.     One Player Game One: Press ‘Mode’ button toselect the mode. There are 4 levels of difficulty in this game. Player willautomatically proceed to next level if successfully complete the previouslevel.

Level 1 :  One symbol will be displayed on the consolebox. Player has to activate at least 3 fields of this symbol. (No other symbolsshould be activated). When a wrong symbol is activated, a sound clip will beplayed to indicate wrong button. The next symbol will be shown when youactivate the symbol successfully. There are 5 stages with a descending timelimit. In each stage, player has to complete 5 times of corresponding symbols.Have you conquered all 5 stages and heard ‘Hurrah’, you will proceed to Level2.

Level 2: Two symbols will be displayed on the console box.Player has to activate at least 2 fields of each symbol. Level 2 also includes Level1. The light on console box may only display one symbol which is asking theplayer to complete the game by applying the method of Level 1 at this stage.

Level 3: Three symbols will be displayed on the console box.Player has to activate 1 field of each symbol. (No other symbols should beactivated). This level also includes Level 1 and Level 2.

Level 4: Four symbols will be displayed on the console box.Player has to activate 1 field of each symbol. (No other symbols should beactivated). This level also includes Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3.

3.     One Player Game Two – Memory Mode: Press ‘Mode’ button to select the mode. Playerstands besides the playmat and waits for the instruction. Different symbolswill be displayed in sequence. A sound clip of ‘And Go’ will be presented toindicate player starting to activate symbols in a given sequence.  A samesymbol will be displayed possibly twice in a row, therefore player will berequired to activate a different field for the same symbol. Player leaves the matwhen correctly completes all symbols for the present level. One more symbolwill be added on to the next level with a distinct new combination of symbols.

4.     Two Players Game One:  One symbol will bedisplayed on the console box. Player 1 and Player 2 take turns. The console boxwill indicate Player 1 to participate first. At this level, Player 1 has toactivate at least 3 fields of the given symbol. Player 1 is now required tokeep the pose still and keep having contact with the mat at all times untilPlayer 2 successfully activates three fields of the new symbol which will begiven at the moment of completion of Player 1. Thereafter, Player 1 may leaveprevious fields and take turns with Player 2 to complete 5 times ofcorresponding symbols for each level. There are 5 difficulty levels in adescending time limit. Whoever fails to activate the correct symbols withintime limit loses the game.

5.     Two-and Mulit-players Game Two — Memory Mode: Player 1 and Player 2 take turns to participate thecompetition according to the cue from the console box. The initial phase ofthis game will be the same as that of One Player Game Two. When the initial phaseis achieved, Player 1 adds on one more symbol to the original symbolcombination by activating a new symbol in player’s preference. The new symbolcombination will be challenged by Player 2 who has to memorise the new symbolcombination which will not be reminded again for Player 2. One more symbol isto be added by Player 2 when he/she completes the previous phase. At each phase,one more symbol keeps being added on as the game moves on until a wrong buttongets activated. The game will thus return to previous phase and restart overagain.

6.     The Twist & Move Playmat will be hibernating whenno button is pressed within 1 minute. Please press any key to re-activate it.

7.     Twist & Move Playmat Draft



l  Do not mix old and new batteries.

l  Batteries are to be inserted in the correct polarity.

l  Do not charge non-rechargeable batteries.

l  Do not connect supply terminals, or there will be a short circuit.

l  Do not use knife, scissors or any other sharp items to jab, cut or damagethe playmat.

l  Please remove the batteries if the playmat is not being used for a longtime.

l  This item is for children at age 3 and above, adult supervision is required.

l  Please flat the playmat before using and the playmat cannot be washed inwater.

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